This series, like others, is based on the idea of fragmentation. We all live fragmented, broken in pieces also because of the present new age of technocracy, where knowledge is spread over the internet and not anymore in our brains, in our books and in our heritage. We all know a part of it, but not all. That’s why I decided to split all the artworks, because that’s how I perceive what’s around me. A world in pieces, which all seems to be crumbling. And I also perceived the difficulty, as part of a whole, to participate directly, hands in hands, in any kind of human activities. 
Therefore I ask people, in some cases, to put some of my artworks together, action which involves complicity and commitment.

I want to play with them the game of commitment. Which means taking time and collaborating. Is this social?

A man’s figure fades out…

150 cans of beans enlabeled. Installation.

Puzzle to be put together with the help of visitors of the exhibition.

Really hard to solve!