Lambda prints on alluminium board and perspex. dim. 140x105cm
“More” is a work in four parts and develops itself in two different ways: a project made of 4 lambda prints and a video project where in 4 videos the characters in the images move in an endless loop from one video to the other. The prints show some aspects of my past and some of the future I foresee. Not all the parts composing the work are visible at first sight. Many are almost hidden and can be seen only with attention or simply by chance. So you can see a ship, or maybe a factory, but you cannot see immediately some bicycles* passing from one side to the other of the print. Or you can see some men flying upwards, but you cannot see who hides behind their faces. “More” is for some aspects my private story. My youth, the story of my family… And for other aspects, it is our common story and our common destiny. Note: the 4 digital images for the screen are slightly different from the printed ones and do not render the depth and real effect of the prints.

“More – YellowGreen”

“More – Blue”

“More – YellowRed”

“More – White”

“More – YellowRed and More – YellowGreen”, exhibition “I miss my enemies”, Venice Biennale 2011.

“More – YellowGreen” installed.

“More”, Barbiarian Art Gallery, Zurich 2010.

“More”, Barbiarian Art Gallery, Zurich 2010.

“More”, Barbiarian Art Gallery, Zurich 2010.