These three boxes are artworks made with the simple idea of asking the collectors to participate in the art process. You will become yourself an artist or, at least, you will have the chance to try being an artist for once. Each box contains the set to realize an artwork and all you have to do is follow the instructions and be Kalinka for one day! In the first box you will find 9 tapes that let you build up to 200 artworks, by gluing the tape to any surfaces, from wall to wood, glass or metal. Do it in any house of yours. Give it to friends. Prepare your own artworks and sell them online. In a word, do whatever you want. Tape it by yourself! Be Kalinka!

In the second box you will find 4 puzzles with the same image. What makes the puzzle hard to put together, is that each puzzle has been cut in 4 different ways. You will experience the difficulty of the art process, by trying to put images together, an issue that any artists daily have to face with. Once put together, you will be authorized to do anything you want with your new artwork: give it as a gift to relatives and friends, sell it, exchange it with other artists’ artworks more valuable, or even throw it in the waste bin. Puzzle it by yourself! Be Kalinka!

The last box contains 5 sheets of drawing paper with a printed outline of the author’s self-portrait to be repainted by you, simply following the instructions provided. Each colour to be used is indicated by a specific number, which corresponds to a colour in the palette given with the box. Mixed colours will be explained using percentage. Give a portrait as a gift to whoever you want, sell it directly or over the internet, or show it everywhere you decide. Paint it by yourself! Be Kalinka!

Important: each kit will be provided with as many certificates as the artworks.

“Kalinkit. Tape me!”. Do it yourself art kit!

“Kalinkit. Puzzle me!”. Do it yourself art kit!

“Kalinkit. Paint me!”. Do it yourself art kit!

Kalinkit. Pile of tapes, Barbarian Art Gallery, Zürich.

“Puzzle me!” Do it yourself art kit!

“Paint me!” Do it yourself art kit!

Kalinkit. Tape me! Artwork.

Kalinkit. Installation, Barbarian Art Gallery, Zürich.