BLKNZM (balconism) is an initiative of Art Apart and the curator Oxana Maleeva, released for the occasion of the 55th Venice Biennale. The project involves outstanding artists, writers, designers and architects.
The free BLKNZM App is not ‘about’ art… it is a work of art in its own right. A virtual exhibition showing the responses of 11 artists to a challenge: to interpret the theme of the balcony, in Venice, through stories, sounds and images. With the App you can take a walking tour of balconies in Venice, using your iPhone or iPad to see/hear the stories invented by the artists. If you are not in Venice, you can use the App to take a virtual tour of the show.

"Balconism", homepage.

“Balconism”, homepage.

"Balconism", index of the artists.

“Balconism”, index of the artists.

"Balconism", Marc Kalinka's page Kalinkitty.

“Balconism”, Marc Kalinka’s page Kalinkitty.

"Balconism", Marc Kalinka's page.Shellinka.

“Balconism”, Marc Kalinka’s page.Shellinka.